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Subject: How to prepare for exams


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anju.113, Kochi: : 2016-09-28

I am an IT professional, so I do not have enough time to attend any coaching classes. I would like to prepare myself for Govt exam. Currently I am following talent academy rank file, thozhil vartha . Daily i am working out a question paper also. Is that a good way. Kindly guide me on self study

shafnacalicut, calicut: : 2015-11-28

Hi frnds...psc examinu padikkan gud book edanu...mathrubhumi year book engane?

sooraj.k.menon, palakkad : : 2015-03-29

Enik govt job venam....
How 2 prepare xam?..,

ANEE, PKD: : 2014-10-07

how to prepare for the LP/UP ASSISTANT..

suma k.p, kozhikode: : 2013-04-29

How to prepare for exams

seema1, kollam: : 2012-11-15

now hardly one month left for secretatiate assistant exam.due to some personal problems i am not able to prepare soncerely and nopt aable to recollect all previously learned things so kindly give me some tips for preparing in competitive exam

veena, kollam: : 2012-08-05

read and study the book MASTER IN CURRENT AFFAIRS every month...

jithin87, thrissur: : 2012-07-02

st.thomasum psc listum thammil endha badham?.ha ha hi.psc yude adutha thamasha.

Higin, Urakam: : 2012-07-02

Are there any upcoming exams conducted by PSC?

suma k.p, kozhikode : 2013-04-29  (New)

Are there any upcoming exams conducted by psc

Higin, Urakam: : 2012-07-02

When will be the next LDC exam?

jasmin, trivandrum: : 2012-06-17

ningal joliye prathi serious anengil itha:
oru nalla rank file eg: mathrbhumi fact file , nannayi padhikkuka,oru thavana vayichathu kondu onnum manasilakilla.daily vayichu ,revise cheyyuka. rank file padhikkunnathinodoppam ,thozhil vartha or thozhil veedhi cover cheyyuka.previous question paper vangan kittum,cheythu,ariyathathu mathram ezhuthiyedukkuka,ariyavunnath veendum nokki samayam kalayaruthu.monthly ayi varunna target or talent polulla sangathikal cover cheyyan sramikkuka. enthu padhichalum revision must.english, maths ennivakku kooduthal imp kodukkuka.karanam gk kooduthal perkum ariyamayirikkum.eng maths ennivayillode namukku uyarnna rank hard work cheyyuka. manthrathil manga veezhilla koottukare....

SajiRaj, tvm: : 2012-05-16

Practice the Previous Question Papers

saneesh.k, kottayam: : 2012-04-16

reading books

gopika, pandalam: : 2012-03-21

prepare well.

Neethu, Kollam: : 2012-03-12

Read newspapers

Dhanya1, poonjar : 2012-03-16  (New)

Not only newspaper reading is enough.Practice previous question papers..

Ansila, Alappuzha: : 2012-03-09

Am plus two passed. Which for exam my eligiblity

Shraddha, dubai: : 2012-01-12

When Prepration Meets oppertunity Then Luck Automaticay Camoe in the way...dont Believe in luck......

Dont Read .....When you write more u will Rememeber more....Write and Study may be it takes so much times but Reading Ten times is equal to Write once u never forget the things...

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shyni, calicut: : 2011-10-12


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