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FSO Aspirant 01, Kerala: : 2016-12-11

Hello FSO Candidates....Administrative Tribunal Il Anu Case..Genuine aanu...Rank List il Tazhe Ullavar Anu E case Kodutitulladu... PSC Notification Il Qualification Parnjituladu \" Degree In Medicine\" enaanu..Degree In Medicine MBBS matram aano ado Baaki Branches Of Medicines such as Ayurveda, Homeo etc...ulpedumo enadaanu tarka vishayam..Namuku elavarkum aryam Advised Candidates ilum BAMS & BHMS undu..Rank List iL um undu... Ivare ulpeduthanam ennu Anukulikunarum Undu Ulpedutarudu ennu paryunavrum Undu..Adu kondaanu Unity Ilatadu..Ipol Advised Candidates nu tanne what is going on ennu aryila...Idoke Maativechu kondu namuku karyangal Gauravatode Parishodikam.. ctd...

Food, Trivandrum: : 2016-12-08

There is a case? In kerala administrative tribunal against the Food safety officer appointment.

noneedfood, Kottayam : 2016-12-09  (New)

Hi Food safety rank holders we dont have no unity. All are actually selfish. Everybody want their part safe and secure that is all. Ofcourse there is a case in the administrative tribunal. But that case has no credibility or genuinity and is just given with bad intention alone. Everybody knows that. But what is going on now? It is our responsibility to fight against that. You know we all lost 2 months job. How long still we have to wait no idea.
Usually cases filed in admstve tribunal are settled fast especially this type of cases affecting 90 candidates. I dont know what is going on and its outcome.
World is selfish!!! That\'s all.

Food, Trivandrum: : 2016-12-08

Food safety officer_ why is there no Point mentally letter yet?. If there is a case should we not fight it together by joining as party and keeping lawyer?

Fudsafety12345, Thrissur: : 2016-12-08

Food safety officer
Hi Ponnu Ahmed, PH candidates certificate verification alone is over. They can get a maximum weightage mark of 12. For a candidate who secured 50 marks for written exam will get 50 plus 12 (weightge) plus 12 mark for interview, which means 74 marks total. So is there chance of rearrangement of rank list? or all the PH candidates included are having marks lower than 43.67 which is the cut off mark? Please reply

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-12-09  (New)

cntd...43.67 analo Mainlist Cut Off Mark...So Mainlistil 3 ph candidates matramaanu included ayitulladu..Ranklist Parishodikam..Reamrks il adu koditundu... But Ranklist il Oraal matrame ulpeduti kandulu..Baaki Ulla Ph candidates Short List Ile Supplementary Listil Ulpedutyitulavar aanu which means dey have secured marks below cut off..den as per Rule 3 Candidates should be PH when 100 candidates are advised. Ivare Include cheyunadu karanm Nilavil ulla candidates ne affect cheyila ennu taneyaanu ente uracha viswasam.. Rank List Idumbol tanne PSC ku idu aryam..Avar order varunadu vare wait chydu ennu matram..Ini kududal details nu PSC site visit cheyuka..I hope dis helped U..

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-12-09

Hello Food Safety Officer..... Thank You For Your Reply.... First of all Oru cheriya correction Undu..12 MARKS alla weightage;12% aanu maximum weightage..adayadu aa candidate nu OMR exam nu kitya marknte 10 or 12 %(which depends) marks aanu weigtage aayi kodukuka...Already Publish Cheyda Mainlistil 3 DA-0 Ph candidates Undayrnu..First Rank List Publish Cheydapol adil Oraal matrame Undyrnulu...Ayalku Rank Nalkiyirunenkilum Weightage nalkiyirunila. Don\'t Know about Other 2 Candidates...Adinu sesham PH candidates case kodukukayum avrku anukulamaya vidi nedukayum cheydu enaanu ente arivu... adinu sesham PSC ee parnja PH candidate nu weightage kodutu kondu Ranklist il Erratum Kondu Vannu..Ee erratum Rank List PSC website il labyam aanu..cntd....

Nazim80, Kollam: : 2016-12-07

Dear, Candidate anyone got advice memo for the post of LD Typist Various, please replay..

Noby, pathanamthitta: : 2016-12-05

Hi I have a doubt, pls help. i got a letter from psc for verification of my certificate. I am a PH candidate. But I didn\'t get any notification in my PSC thulsi profile. What this mean ? Am I selected ? Should I prepare for the an interview at the time of verification.?
Please reply as tommorw is the date.

AnonymousFSO, Trivandrum : 2016-12-06  (New)

Do u mean food safety officer post? Tomorrow there is no interview, but for the verification you must go to concerned PSC office with all relevant documents for proof. Dont forget to take identity card. Interview date will be announced later.

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-12-06

There will not be any interview at the time of verification... Calling for Verification means U are included in Shortlist of The Particular Post for which U applied... After Certificate Verification U will be Provided with OTR Certificate.. Usually Such Verification are informed through PSC Thulasi Profile and SMS.... After Certificate Verification Only U will be called for Interview if Interview is applicable for the Post for which U have applied. For Further details U may contact Nearest PSC office at your District. Also U can search In The PSC Website for The Shortlist Of The Post for Which U have applied. I hope Your Doubt has been cleared to an extent..

Nazim80, Kollam: : 2016-12-03

Any idea for advice ldtypist tvm ????

neeranjali, Thrissur: : 2016-11-30

Do you have any idea regarding the short list of computer operator in KIRTADS psc Category No is 390/2013.

Sunil Kumar FSO, Thiruvananthapuram: : 2016-11-30

Food safety officer nu disability candidates qualified aano? Ipozhathae listil already 3 candidates undallo, pakshae avar ellam thanne ortho aanu. Low vision and deaf candidates enthu kondu aa listil arum vannittilla? Avarudae supply list ipol psc-il undu. Apol avare annu aoid cheythekkuvayirunno?


I want to know about previous ldc advise in thrissur district. If you don\'t could you please tell me the tottal numbers of vacancy in thrissur now.
thank you..

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-11-29  (New)

Pls go to PSC Kerala Website....Visit Details Of Advice Made Link....Select The District U want to know the details about....Or If U have The Category Number U may Directly enter the Category Number In The Search Box Of Psc Website.. I hope Dis will Help U..Thank U..

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur: : 2016-11-21

Hello FSO Friends....Any Updates Regarding Appointment Order?? Can Anyone tell me why they are taking dis much time in the process???? When will The Commission be Sending Appointment Orders??? Pls Do Reply...Thanks In Advance...

mns, ktm : 2016-12-04  (New)

hi, from the food safety department it was said that one case is going on regarding the fso appointment. i don\'t know the details of the case. They said that once it is settled, the appoinment orders will be send.

agnair, varkala: : 2016-11-20

KSRTC conductor new njd vvacancies. any idea.

jinu, kottarakkara: : 2016-11-18

is there any one who attended computer programmer beverages ??? can u give me the expected cut off ?? what about current status ?? pls reply

REJI Hareesh , Kollam : : 2016-11-18

when will new advices of universty assistant will publish by kerala psc

REJI Hareesh , Kollam : 2016-12-04  (New)

Hai any idea about new advice for universty assistant.. why as much late..

AnonymousFSO, Trivandrum: : 2016-11-16

I have read lot of confusing comments in social medias and many invalid doubts. It is actually inhuman. For what such things? Deserving candidates will get the job. Sometimes it may take some time to reach their position. Just wait. No other problem is going on. If anyone gets genuine reports please post here, otherwise please dont do that. In short, no problem with the rank list, also nothing to worry for BAMS and all. They surely desreve this job. Who told they are not medical graduates? Anyway, I am not a medical graduate but still I talk for them just because we must be practical. Anybody can post misleading comments. But truth will be out some day. Good luck to everybody and pray for the best. Bye

a , : 2016-11-20  (New)

Thank you for the information

AnonymousFSO, Trivandrum : 2016-11-19

Oh sorry I am unaware of training. Anyway it will be at least two months mandatory training. Before appointing as FSO in a particular zonal area he/she must successfully complete training.

AnonymousFSO, Trivandrum: : 2016-11-16

Attention Food safety Rank Holders,
I have got the advice for the post of FSO. Enikku ee listil ullavarodu oru important matter parayanundu. Dayavu cheythu anavasyamaya post idaruthu. Rank list-inu oru problem illa. PH list udan prepare cheyyum, avarae simultaneous ayittu advice ayachu seniority nashtamakatha vidham appointment cheyyum.
Then another problem is regarding case in the high court that one candidate given against appointing BAMS, Sidha, Unanai and all. That case never stands. PSC, after completing all detailed scrutiny of certificates advice has been sent. Degree in medicine include all these categories. But, if in the notfn it was given DEGREE IN MODERN MEDICINE, it means MBBS alone. So no problem to thos candidates. To be cnt

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-11-15

The adviced candidates for the post of food safety officer will be inter-changed due to the addition of Ph candidates. At present 90 were adviced and 2 of them will be loosing their chance for including them. Also, it wll take atleast two months for their interview and rank lsit publication.

food safety 1230, Kollam: : 2016-11-13

Hai FSO friends,
Sorry to tell you that Food safety officer short list and rank list will be cancelled

Shm Kochi, Kochi : 2016-11-15  (New)

Please dont post such fake rubbish news here.

kashi, kochi : 2016-11-14

Gud joke Mr. FSO kollam....

sh!va, Trivandrum: : 2016-11-08

Hi.. How to prepare for Computer programmer practical test?
What will be the pattern for lab exam questions?

SVS, TVPM: : 2016-11-07

There was a case in court regarding the qualification of rank holders. They got interim report.Is it affect the appointment of FSO.

kashi, kochi : 2016-11-14  (New)

Mostly it wont affect..Best wishes
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